About Gold IRA

Gold IRA is a division of Midas Gold Group, a veteran-owned and operated precious metals dealer.

Our headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona and we also have a physical presence in Thousand Oaks, California to serve the greater Los Angeles area. We are known as a leading national dealer with a local presence providing retirement account services for those who are looking for the safety of physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in their IRA.

Gold IRA is your source for precious metals and information about the advantages of owning and purchasing precious metals in your retirement account. From novice investors to experienced investors, everyone can benefit from our twenty years of combined experience. Whether you need assistance on a rollover or transfer, Gold IRA is the nation’s #1 choice for retirement account help with tangible coins and bars.

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Dedication Pledge

We dedicate ourselves to protecting your wealth. We specialize in gold and believe there is no other way to protect your wealth than to own physical gold. Why? Because gold has proven its reliability since ancient Egyptians first used it in 3600 BC. We have fought for freedom and American values, now we fight for our clients concerning financial wealth preservation through the ownership of physical precious metals in your retirement account.

This kind of asset class diversification is a powerful way to build a safe and resilient retirement strategy.

The Gold IRA team believes that the risk facing the financial system today is at an all time high. The fiat currency system is on its last leg. The Gold IRA team takes pride in making our clients IRAs as strong as the gold that is in their retirement accounts. The history of gold’s resiliency throughout financial chaos is a proven fact. The Gold IRA team will work harder for you than anyone else to protect your purchasing power.

The Golden Rule

Gold has balanced stocks, currency, and paper-backed assets from time immemorial because gold is the best way to safeguard long-term wealth preservation. The price of gold has doubled every seven years on average since 1971. United States debt has doubled every eight years since the end of the Gold Standard in 1971. To sidestep the next financial crisis, the Gold IRA team believes a substantial part of your retirement account should be in physical gold and silver.

Since 2000, the Dow Industrial Average has gone up over 200% while gold has increased over five hundred percent. The US dollar since 2000 has lost 80% of its value versus gold. The US dollar has lost over 97% of its value versus gold over the last 50 years.

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Relationship Building

We believe each client is a gateway to building a trusting relationship, and that is our focus. We will give you personal attention and provide safe and convenient ways to purchase precious metals. The Gold IRA team will hold your hand throughout the entire rollover or transfer process. The Gold IRA team believes it is a privilege to own physical gold and silver in your retirement account. It would be a privilege for the Gold IRA team to handle this process for you.

A Standing Invitation

You are learning more about precious metals and how owning them can preserve your retirement account, and that’s extremely important. As you explore our website, we’d like to invite you to contact us when you’re ready to learn more about making your retirement account bulletproof. We understand that everybody is different, and everybody’s situation is different. The Gold IRA team believes the best time to buy gold in your IRA was 20 years ago, and the next best time to own gold in your retirement account is today.

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