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The Turnkey Solution for Securing Gold in your Individual Retirement Account

Gold IRA is committed to delivering excellent customer service as we build our organization and reputation one relationship at a time. We promise to deliver accessibility, liquidity, and transparency to the precious metals Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account industry (Self-Directed Gold IRA).

We at Gold IRA would be honored if you would allow us to be of service to you. We are in business to see that your financial goals are met using the most reliable and stable store of value, gold.

A Gold IRA functions the same as a regular IRA account. The only difference is that you hold physical bullion.

Gold IRAs are Self-Directed

Most IRAs invest in assets like stocks or mutual funds. Self-directed IRAs allow you to hold tangible assets like select precious metals, namely gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Opening a Gold IRA is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make about the future preservation of your wealth. When you own physical gold in your Individual Retirement Account, you are ensuring the integrity of your future financial well-being.

A Gold IRA functions like any other IRA. You can use annual contributions to purchase more gold, or you can sell your gold and move funds to another custodian. Distributions work the same way. Take the physical gold out of your Gold IRA account, or sell the gold and take the funds out in cash.

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Out of the four precious metals allowed in an Individual Retirement Account, gold is the most common and for good reason.

The journey begins with learning as much about Gold IRAs as possible. Education is an important piece of the IRA puzzle that shouldn’t be skipped over.

Since time immemorial, gold has proven to be the smart way to preserve wealth. You can protect your retirement from the same asset class that has survived the fall of ancient civilizations like Athens and Rome.

Reasons for Having a Gold IRA

  • Worldwide debt
  • The worldwide increase in currency supply
  • Gold has remained as money despite the rise and fall of entire civilizations
  • Gold has always retained its purchasing power
  • Historically, gold often moves in the opposite direction to the other asset classes

We’ve just begun to see the corrosive effects of inflation on the value of our currency. Gold serves as a reliable store of value. The uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a bull run on precious metals, particularly gold and silver. Gold reached an all-time high in August 2020. During the pandemic, gold reached $2,030 per ounce.  When there is uncertainty, investors and central banks will purchase gold to hedge against market risk.

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Historically speaking, gold has performed better than the stock market. Since the year 2000, gold has risen over 500% from $283 an ounce to approximately $2,000 per ounce. Like real estate, gold is a long-term strategy. You will benefit the most if you’re willing to hold gold and silver for the long term. Gold has no yield; it’s not supposed to, because it has no third-party risk. In that regard, it is better to think of gold not as an investment so much as it is a store of value. If you have gold in your portfolio, the Fed can do all of its manipulations and the socio-economic-political landscape can change dramatically, but you’ll still have gold and it will hold its value. That’s why civilizations through the ages have regarded it as God’s money: it’s impervious to any meddling by humanity.

How Much Gold or Silver Should I Own?

The typical answer to the question of how much gold or silver is enough is 5 to 10 percent of your portfolio. That number comes from a study that was done in 1980. The study looked at the most effective ratio balance of equities, bonds, real estate, and precious metals. It is a bit outdated. Markets are more volatile today. Risk today is high. The percentage ownership in gold should be at least 20 percent. Some of the most popular gold advocates include Mike Maloney and James Rickards.

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IRA rollover

The Rollover Procedure

A rollover is moving funds from an employer-sponsored retirement plan into an IRA which enables you to preserve the tax-deferred status of your retirement assets, without paying current taxes or penalties for early withdrawal. A Gold IRA Rollover converts your retirement account into a Self-Directed IRA so that you add select precious metals to your retirement account. For example, if you have a 401(k), you can transfer that investment into a Self-Directed IRA to purchase gold bullion and other precious metals, typically in the form of bullion coins or bars that meet certain weight and purity requirements.

The rollover procedure is simple and straightforward. We offer the flexibility to store your assets in secure vault storage and receive distributions from us at any time.

The IRS gives you 60 days from the date you receive an IRA or retirement plan distribution to roll it over to another plan or IRA. This retirement plan distribution will be used to purchase your Gold IRA precious metals and pay for all expenses and fees if you choose to do so. A retirement account rollover by check or wire typically becomes a Traditional Gold IRA.

Gold IRA Custodians

The tax code specifies that an IRS-approved custodian or trustee must hold gold or silver used in a Self-Directed Gold IRA.

As a licensed, bonded, and insured trust company, the IRS-approved IRA custodian is licensed, bonded, and insured protector of assets.

At Gold IRA we work with the majority of widely trusted and established IRA custodians. Serving as your dealer of record, Gold IRA will be your main point of contact for initiating sales, future rollovers, and any distributions you may order.

Additionally, you can expect the following:

  • Ensure that your investment is secured in insured storage space by a licensed custodian
  • Quarterly IRA statements and valuation reports
  • Immediate response to distribution requests and Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Ensure all government regulations and compliance are met

Home Storage Gold IRA

The IRS does not recognize home storage, or a safety deposit box for that matter, of precious metals as an IRA. This entity was challenged at the end of 2021 in court and the entity was taxed at full distribution. Taxpayers who store precious metal IRAs at home run the risk of engaging in a prohibited transaction, which opens them to increased income tax. There’s also a penalty if they are younger than 59.5 years and try to liquidate their assets.

Should you be considering home storage, talk with your tax professional in order to make the best decisions for your particular situation. If you decide to move forward with home storage and would like assistance, we can help.

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